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Angela Chamis, 49, Tim Stoll's fiancee, shows a display ring to a customer. She wears the rings that Tim made for her as gifts during their courtship and pending nuptials.
Angela and Sarah Vineyard, a loyal customer of Stoll's, share a laugh after discovering that Ms. Vineyard's daughter-in-law, Lisa, bought the same bracelet as her without her knowing about it.
Tim Stoll, 51, smiles back at Angela during an exchange of jokes at the shop. He uses his goggles to examine jewelry.
Tim works on a wax ring while doing some detail work to enhance the colors of each individual ring he makes for his customers.
Tim and Angela check their inventory before they place the jewelry in front of the glass counter at Stoll's Custom Jewelers. Stoll's usually displays retail-made rings alongside Tims original designs.
Angela leans on Tim after he finishes a yellow gold ring that he made in just 24 hours. Work orders usually take weeks to be completed.
Angela displays a wax-based motorcycle model ordered by a loyal customer. Tim not only makes rings and toy figurines of vehicles but has been asked many times to even create sculpture from sketches.
Tim makes some finishing touches to a ring that was pre-ordered by phone. He believes that if the customer knows what they want, the product usually comes out better than expected.
Stoll's Custom Jewelers sits on central Main Street, Festus, Missouri.