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Mitchell Henry lifts weights during a physical training session that Elizabethtown High School football players must complete for core strength. Mitchell likes to push himself to be better and increase his strength so he can succeed on the field.
Mitchell Henry, far left, has emerged as a leader on the Elizabethtown High School football team.
Mitchell Henry, center right, discusses football with his classmates during a break from their business class. Mitchell usually finds himself in the spotlight, even when he does not look for it.
Titus Sublet, 19, embraces Mitchell Henry, left, to wish him luck before the big homecoming game. Titus is a recent graduate of Elizabethtown High School and now attends Elizabethtown Community & Technical College. He used to be a part of the EHS football team and is still good friends with Mitchell.
Mitchell Henry, center, takes on 120 pounds during football training. Mitchell, like his teammates at Elizabethtown High School, is expected to incorporate a high-speed and heavy-weightlifting workout in his routines. The football team's goal: keep its strength throughout the season, something Mitchell takes very seriously because of his college football aspirations.
Mitchell Henry, center left, and his teammates take a break from practice. They usually like to joke about game facts and how other teams have performed during the season.
Hillari Caso, right, 17, is escorted by Mitchell Henry during the halftime of the homecoming football game. Hilari said Mitchell, who she considers a friend, is a sweet guy and loves his personality.
Mitchell Henry, right, helped Elizabethtown High School win two important games this season. Those victories will put the team in contention for the playoffs. But Mitchell said he could always do better, even if he sometimes feels exhausted from such efforts.