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The San Diego-Tijuana border is one of the busiest international crossings of the world.
The California National Guard was called in to protect U.S. borders out of fear of not having enough patrolman to police borders.
A border patrol officer waits in his car as he scopes for any illegal activities.
Diego Sandoval, 48, claims he loves the U.S. more than Mexico. He says he would do anything to stay in the country.
A girl marches with a U.S. flag at hand during a May 1st march.
Alicia Mercado, 19, cries out for change in the U.S.- Mexican policy towards immigrants under HR 4437.
Olivia Hernandez and company carry a poster of Emiliano Zapata, a Mexican revolutionary, as a sign of rebellion towards the U.S. government.
May 1st marches happened all over the city.
Thousands of demonstrators gathered in the small border city of San Ysidro, to march to the border in protest of HR 4437.
A man observes demonstrators chants during a downtown San Diego rally.
Demonstrators of all races and ages came together to march for amnesty rights.
A man passes through the San Diego-Otay Mesa border walkway.