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A TV reporter on the verge of giving the news of the St. Louis Cardinals winning the World Series.
Alejandro Madreas, a homeless man, looks up at pedestrians from under a bridge, where he lives.
Jason Wong and his roommates, Aaron Chiang, center, and Adrian Lui, have 300 pairs of limited-edition sneakers among them, crammed into their San Jose two-bedroom apartment. Total spent over the years: nearly $30,000.
Roberto Rodriquez is a bus driver for the Metro Transit Authority. He is working on returning to college soon.
Naima Le Mousarri, a journalism student, works late on a school project.
Euretha Henderson, 66, wears the colors of the U.S. flag on her lips to symbolize her patriotism and, what she called "the awaited day" of the first black president of the United States, Barack Obama.
Michelle Mandy, winner of the 2006 Legoland Build Your World Contest.
Joshua Lau, who belongs to the Fire Pixies, a dancing group, blows flames during a performance at San Jose State University's homecoming celebration.
Hillary Clinton, 2008 presidential candidate, giving a speech at an SDSU rally.
A San Jose firefighter cleans up a wrecked window after a fire destroyed part of the house.
Cinco de Mayo festival, Mariachi San Jose.
A child holds a toy gun during a Cinco de Mayo festival in San Jose, Calif.
Lincoln High's Defensive End, Vincent Polanco, after the Lions lost their first season game to Santa Teresa Saints.
Lauren Johnson takes a moment to reflect. She and her child, Jenna, live off food stamps since she lost her job.
Conan O'Brien at his "Prohibited to be Funny on TV" tour in San Jose, Calif.