Picking up the Pieces Feeling the Lord A Tale of Two Rings Ni Una Muerte Mas Game Plan
Students playing a game of rock, paper, scissors at the freshmen welcome orientation ceremony.
Students working on assignments on campus.
A radio, TV, and film upper-division class filming a movie for a cinema festival.
RTVF classroom allows students to direct and film movies on location.
Former SJSU History Professor Billie Jensen poses for a portrait.
Two students in a quiet moment together.
In the rush of school hour.
Students studying at Student Union.
Engineering building in the morning.
Students conversing at Engineering building before class starts.
International exchange students testing, a shared SJSU architecture and design, expanding Eco-friendly blanket.
International students working on solar projects for the City of San Jose-SJSU Eco-friendly initiative.
Glassblowing classroom been taught to properly blow and cut glass.
Beginning glassblowing students taking instruction on using wax and clay to mold glass objects.
A session at the Latino Achievement conference for middle school students wanting to attend SJSU in the future.
A Ceramics, spatial/sculptural art class with Professor Stan Welsh.
Spartan marching band playing at homecoming game.
Military service men watching the football game on Spartan field.
Students cheering at homecoming game.
Spartan stadium with SJSU fans.
SJSU Cheerleaders.
Football games are a big part of SJSU campus life.